Publishers of Higher Biblical Education Curriculum

PBI Publications provides Bible college curriculum to schools, churches, retailers, and buyer groups. All courses teach a conservative, non-denominational Biblical doctrine primarily using the KJV Bible and blend of classic and current Bible study material.

PBI Publications has been providing curriculum exclusively for Patriot Bible University, Patriot School of the Bible, and their Church Bible Institute classes for the past four decades. Now these courses are also available for your school.

✍️ More than 100 low-cost courses currently available.

✍️ All courses are ideal for distance learning.

✍️ Teacher’s kits for Group Studies are available for 50 courses.

✍️ 30+ courses may be completed entirely online.

✍️ Every course available with printed workbooks & textbooks.

✍️ Balanced content using classic and contemporary authors.

✍️ Each workbook is prepared with the KJV Bible.

✍️ New courses are published frequently.

✍️ Some Graduate-level, advanced courses available.

✍️ Courses available to institutional buyers at wholesale prices.

PBI Publications

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